The final result of the Summer Glau wiki 2013 calendar

We proudly present the final result of the Summer Glau Wiki 2013 Calendar. The second fanart calendar that have been constructed by members of this community. It has been a fun experience, but also a big challenge to create these master pieces of art. This year we improved the graphics skills that we achieved from working on last years calendar even more, and also new talented members of our growing community have gotten involved in the project.

2013 Calendar2013 Calendar2013 Calendar2013 Calendar2013 Calendar2013 Calendar

2013 Calendar

2013 Calendar2013 Calendar2013 Calendar2013 Calendar2013 Calendar2013 Calendar

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The designs for this years calendar was created by:

Our old veterans from last years project Fermi, chrisdvanne (michelangelo) and Futurezone.

Our new talents REG, Traken and Mac T Mictlan Ahuizotl.


A printed copy of the calender will soon be sent to Summer Glau's fanmail as a gift from our whole community. It is not too late for fans to make contributions for the project because this year we will also send her a scrapbook with letters from the fans.

We would like to send it to Summer so she gets it in time for her birthday, July 24th. So hurry up go to this thread and submit your contribution: Summer Glau wiki scrapbook

If you missed last years calendar, here is the news: Summer Glau wiki 2012 calendar


Here is the tribute video for the calendar.


A huge thanks to John Anealio for giving us the permission to use his awesome song "Summer Glau" for the video. The lyrics of the Summer Glau song was written by John DeNardo to the tune of "Summer Breeze" by Seals and Crofts. One day he asked John Anealio if he would like to take a shot at recording the song. John Anealio then asked if it was OK to write an original tune to his lyrics instead. 


The song is on number 5 in his album Sci-Fi Songs and can be downloaded here:


If you would like a print of the calender here is the process to print the calendar using a printing-house explained:

1) Download the calendar directly as a pdf file with lossless compression of the images on A4 paper ( 8.27" × 11.69" ) or images at MediaFire link courtesy of TWO at A pdf file is often requested by printing shops.

2) technical features :
Digital printing : laser color, 13 pages A4 format printed on matted coated paper 250 g from PDF file
Finishing : metal binding + notch and calendar hook

If you connect to the website of a printing-house, you may not find the exact requested features; in this case see if the website offers the possibility to make a personalized order. They will return a mail with a personalized quote that you can accept and thus initiate the manufacture of the calendar.

We would recommend professional prints if possible. The manufacture of the calendar can be made by any printing-house around the corner (try near universities), all you have to do is provide the pdf file in a USB key.

You can also do the prints at home and have the binding done on a printing-house for very cheap. Try to match as much as possible the technical specifications we gave above; using regular paper for example would not give satisfying result.

If someone has additional question feel free to ask.



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  Message #1 | REG | 12-06-02, 00:23 GMT

it was an enjoyable experience contributing to the project. and it was a labor of love smile
listening to the Browncoats Mixtape and the Firefly and Serenity soundtracks helped give me inspiration and it was also relaxing.

about putting it into a pdf file. the place i went to, to get the 2012 Calendar done they requested each page as .jpgs. so keep that in mind. not all places use the pdf format smile

  Message #2 | ogy86 | 12-06-02, 09:13 GMT

Guys, when is the deadline for the scrapbook? We (as Czech TSCC fans) would like to send some kind words for Summer.

Otherwise thank you for the calendar. It's a great job!

  Message #3 | REG | 12-06-02, 09:24 GMT

umm Fermi or chrisdvanne would be able to tell you. i know the deadline for the calendar was June 1st.

  Message #4 | Fermi | 12-06-02, 11:52 GMT

That is great we would like to send the calender at the end of this month and that is the deadline for the Scrapbook.

  Message #5 | ogy86 | 12-06-02, 13:24 GMT

Thanks for quick reply. We'll create our celebration letter early and add to the scrapbook :-)

  Message #6 | Fox012 | 12-06-02, 18:59 GMT

Well my Buddy will do mine on his print plant I let you know when it's done

If someone within europe is interested let me know and Get you the price for production & processing but he can't compete with those large copy shops or online printing so it will be more expensive...

  Message #7 | TraKen | 12-06-03, 01:35 GMT

Cool! It's been fun working with you guys. It turned out great smile

  Message #8 | RNBM | 12-06-04, 17:00 GMT

I really like the picture of Summer as Skylar. It is one of he most interesting looks for her; so different from her other roles.

  Message #9 | chrisdvanne | 12-06-05, 22:28 GMT

The calendar can be downloaded directly as a pdf file with lossless compression of the images on A4 paper ( 8.27" × 11.69" ) or images at MediaFire

Link courtesy of TWO at

  Message #10 | meanoldmoe | 12-10-14, 13:32 GMT

Wonderful job with the calendar !! Thank you guys smile

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